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About Me...
My recovery from addiction over 12 years ago 
changed absolutely everything.....
Looking at my life today, it's hard to believe that there was a time when I felt totally hopeless and didn't want to live anymore.  

A time when I couldn't stop drinking.  

A time when I was also struggling with the overwhelming fear and desperation of having a son addicted to drugs.  

An addiction that was robbing his very soul, while my addiction was taking over mine.  

An illness and compulsion that completely takes over the mind, body and behavior of the sufferer!   

As I watched my son continue to spiral out of control, slowly killing himself before my very eyes, I felt terrified, overwhelmed, and completely powerless.  

The truth is... I WAS powerless!

Until the day the pain to stay the same became greater than the pain to change.  

This is where my recovery journey began... with pain!  

Lots and lots of pain!!

I realized that if I wanted to help my son, I needed to help myself first.  

When I was 14 months sober, my son began his own journey of recovery.  He is now healthier, stronger and more powerful than he ever was before the addiction took hold.  

We both are!!  And it all started with focusing on my own change, my own recovery.

Since that time, over a decade ago, I went back to school and became a licensed mental health counselor, a certified addiction professional, a specialist in relapse prevention, and earned a doctorate in counselor education.  

I have been blessed to work with thousands of individuals and families helping them to overcome addiction.  

Recovery Changed Everything!
Yet, before any of this... I was a single mother, struggling to survive, both broke and broken, completely depleated of all my strength and power, and desperate for my life to change.

In my book, The Warrior's Guide to Successful Sobriety, I share with you the SECRET that I've learned about POWER and how you too can achieve a successful and POWERFUL RECOVERY, no matter what issue you're struggling with; addiction or otherwise.  

I call it a SECRET because that's what it was to me.  A SECRET that I didn't know I didn't know.  A SECRET and a TRUTH that made eveything finally come together and make sense.

TRUTH that helped me understand why I kept relapsing over and over and over again.  

And... the reason why people with as much as 15, 20, even 30 years of sobriety or more, can and do relapse!

It's all about the POWER!  

Learn what provides you with POWER and what depletes you of your POWER, and apply that awareness and knowledge to achieve a successful and POWERFUL RECOVERY from anything!

Once you understand and apply this POWER PRINCIPLE regarding the true nature of what weakens you and what strengthens you, it will not only help you achieve a successful and POWERFUL RECOVERY, it will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! 

I've also created an on-line resilience trainig course and recovery community called the Resilient Warrior Masterclass.  It's designed to help individuals and family members who are experiencing substance abuse, addiction and codependency issues.

In this program, you will GAIN ACCESS to the information and materials I teach to individuals and family members I work with... all FROM the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME!  

You don't know what you don't know, until you know it!

Most individuals and family members have no idea how much they don't know about recovery, let alone the SECRET and TRUTH to attaining POWER.  

Family members need education and treatment just as much as the individual who is in treatment! 

In fact, research has shown that the more family members are involved in their own recovery process, the better outcome for the individual in treatment!

Everyone in the family is in recovery!!

The BEST HELP you can give yourself, the BEST HELP you can provide to your loved one, is to FOCUS ON YOU and your own education, support and change!

To learn more about the Family Recovery Workshop, click link below....
IMAGINE Getting Your Life Back!
And... it's BETTER than EVER!!
The Warrior's Guide to Successful Sobriety
Hi I'm         
Jeremy Jackson
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Success Stories
"Your mission for our son to grow into the best and most POWERFUL version of himself - WOW - this is Recovery at its BEST!  Thank you for the exceptional job and GREAT care you provided for our son."
Marilyn & Family
"While addiction almost destroyed my marriage, you helped save my marriage.  When my husband entered recovery, I knew there was recovering I had to do as well.  Having someone who understands both sides of addiction, who has walked in both shoes, has helped me tremendously.  You have helped our family to heal, understand addiction, codependency, and sobriety.  I cannot thank you enough!"
Alex & Family
"Dr. Foster combines spiritual principles with extensive knowledge on the disease of addiction.  Her insights are without a doubt some of my greatest tools for my own recovery."
David & Family
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