6-Week Live Online Family Recovery Training
A Fostering Resilience™ Program
June 9 through July 14, 2021

Get Off the Emotional Roller Coaster * Stop the Vicious Cycle * Gain Relief from Fear, Anxiety & Pain

What if you could gain critical awareness, skills and the support necessary to get off the emotional roller coaster and stop the vicious cycle?
What if you could find some relief from the constant fear, anxiety, and pain?
What if you had access to tools and resources that will help you and your family?
What if you could experience positive change and growth?
What if you had the support you need to help you achieve all of this and more?
Now, you can... 
Register Today for the Family Recovery Workshop!

✔ Over 12 Hours of
Personal Education, Guidance and Support
✔ Private Membership Area
with Unlimited Access to All Workshop Materials
✔ Private Community of Ongoing Support


🌟Meditation Training & Personal Guidance🌟
Coping Skills
Critical Awareness
Healthy Communication Skills
 How to Establish Healthy Boundaries
🌟Compassion Skills🌟
Recovery Tools & Resources
🌟Personal Plan of Action🌟
 🌟Positive Change🌟
A Private Community of Ongoing Support
I'm only accepting 15 Participants, So Act Now Before the Workshop is Full!
One Payment Today of $249 USD 
* Charge is Per Person   * Each Family Member Must Register Separately
This price is only slightly more than I charge for a One Hour therapy session!

FAQ:  I'm often asked who is appropriate for the Family Workshop.  

One of the unique aspects of the Family RecoveryWorkshop is the variety of family members who participate.  You may participate as the individual who is recovering from a substance use disorder as a means of strengthening your personal recovery or you may participate as the family member seeking to strengthen your own personal knowledge, growth and change process.
I also have family members who attend together in the same workshop; such as a husband and wife supporting their adult child, or an adult child participating with a parent, I have spouses where one is the identified person with the substance use disorder.  This is an experiential workshop and this aspect is a part of what makes this workshop so unique and powerful.  So whether you attend on your own or with your loved one, you'll find this to be a valuable experience.

Another important point to realize is that regardless if you are attending with a loved one or on your own, each person registers separately and attends separately, logging in from different devices.  You may, of course, be in the same home or location, but logging in and participating from different areas of the house.  There are break-out sessions that are a part of each workshop and these are individual dyads and small groups.  You and your loved one will participate as individuals not together in the same frame.  This promotes autonomy, which is a big part of healing from any codependency issues.

Please email me directly at with any additional questions you may have.

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Weekly Live Online Discussions
2 Hours Each Week for 6 Weeks 
June 9 - July 14, 2021
Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 PM est

Week #1 Meditation and the Power in 
Learning to Settle the Mind

Week #2 Forgiveness

Week #3 Dysfunctional Family Roles and Codependency

Week #4 Healthy Communication and Boundaries

Week #5 Compassion for Self and Others

Week #6 Integrated Daily Practice for Relapse Prevention

      6 Weeks of Personal Guidance and Support
      Coping Skills
      Critical Awareness
      Healthy Communication Skills
      How to Establish Healthy Boundaries
      Compassion Skills
      Recovery Tools & Resources
      Personal Plan of Action
      Positive Change
      A Private Community of Ongoing Support
     Workshop Sessions will be on Wednesdays
6:00-8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time



Dr. KJ Foster - Family Recovery & Relapse Prevention Expert | PhD in Counselor Education | Licensed Mental Health Counselor | Certified Addiction Professional | Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist | Trauma Specialist | Professionally Trained in Mindfulness Meditation and Compassion Cultivation | Best-Selling Author of "The Warrior's Guide to Successful Sobriety" and Author of "Fostering Resilience for the Family in Recovery" | Founder of Fostering Resilience™| Co-Founder of the Center for Sobriety, Spirituality & Healing | Family Program Director, Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery | YouTube Creator.

 Successfully recovered from addiction.

 Parent of a son who has successfully recovered from addiction.

 Spouse of someone who has successfully recovered from addiction.

 Over 10 years helping thousands of individuals and families to successfully recover from substance abuse, addiction and codependency issues.

 Created Fostering Resilience™, a company that develops resources and programs to help individuals and families achieve recovery success!

Success Stories
"KJ's 6 week course was an excellent course for my wife and me to prepare ourselves to support our son through his recovery.  
KJ's program showed me where my weaknesses exist, namely codependency. During the 6 week program, I received many processes and tools to help me better myself to support my son. I feel stronger both psychologically and spiritually. Even if I didn't have a recovering son, I feel my life has become more centered and calmer within. KJ's expertise and passion for helping was very uplifting. Her warmth and love were present throughout the course.  I can't totally put in words how nourishing to my heart KJ's course has been for me. I feel better empowered to not only help my son, but to handle life's challenges from a stronger posture. Eternal thanks KJ!!!." 
Carlos & Family
"If you love someone who is struggling with an addiction, and you are feeling alone, unsupported, and fearful, then I would highly recommend to do KJ’s Family Recovery Workshop. KJ provides a safe, compassionate and supportive space to start to learn about addiction and how it affects everyone in the family. Just like the addict needs support to recover from their addiction, we also need the support to recover and heal from the impact of the addiction and learn how we can start to be part of the solution. Loving someone with an addiction is one of the hardest things I have had to do, but this workshop is a great place to start the healing journey." 
Lucy & Family
"KJ's Famiy Recovery Workshop has given me added perspective which not only supported my 12-step fellowships, but expanded my awareness on topics as family illness, codependency, and mindful meditation. I was able to immediately apply my learning to my recovery. This is helping to continue my focus where it helps my family the most; namely, keeping my attention on me, my self care. And I so love the micro-meditations she begins and ends each class." 
John & Family
"Your mission for our son to grow into the best and most POWERFUL version of himself - WOW - this is Recovery at its BEST!  Thank you for the exceptional job and GREAT care you provided for our son."
Marilyn & Family
"While addiction almost destroyed my marriage, you helped save my marriage.  When my husband entered recovery, I knew there was recovering I had to do as well.  Having someone who understands both sides of addiction, who has walked in both shoes, has helped me tremendously.  You have helped our family to heal, understand addiction, codependency, and sobriety.  I cannot thank you enough!"
Alex & Family
"Family Recovery Workshop was a valuable six week enlightening process. Our group included individuals of diverse circumstances. There was valuable opportunity to learn from each, how to navigate in recovery. Dr KJ orchestrated the lessons so there was significance with the opportunity to consider our behaviors and begin life adjustments. Recognizing the need for and setting boundaries resonated personally. Learning mindful breathing is a valuable tool in coping with stress and anxiety. Each of the topics was important in navigating life’s challenges; all underscoring how to listen and support. We were asked to commit to the program and be willing to make changes. I’m thankful I chose to be a part of this cohesive group. 
 Thank you Dr. KJ Foster"
Chris & Family
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